Thursday, 3 July 2008

Birdy Greeting

I forgot to mention that we had just moved into the "little home of our own" yesterday - We were sitting having a cup of tea and listening to the rain pattering on the tarp when a Spotted Woodpecker flew through (just missing my shoulder) and landed on a nearby Ash tree.

Then a very entertaining thrush (also known as the Stormcock) started singing in the tree right above us - it's chorus was wild, mad, free and slightly clownish - we laughed at some of things it was coming out with . . . !
No pictures though.

Today, among other things, we skanked a few hazel rods from some nearby stools and made a load of crayons and pencils for Highgate Wood at the weekend. There are good quality punters round there but sometimes we might sell £100 of crayons & pencils in a weekend . . . if nothing else.

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