Wednesday, 2 July 2008

New Shelter + ID.

We've got a new den !

Actually we HAD to put this up today as it was raining - Vanessa's making our first lunch in our new home. (We've already thought of several improvements).

A new challenge for the Tree Buffs out there . . .

What tree is this and what is the fruit ?



Andy said...

I don't think it can be a medlar, which was my first a pear or quince variety?


Well done Andy -

If you can name the actual cultivar/variety it is I would be fairly impressed !

We planted it in Spring 2006 and this is the first fruit.
(Chaenomeles spp.)

Anonymous said...

Then it's a flowering quince! The clue was a giveaway...:)


Actually it's Cydonia species - sometimes I don't know what I'm writing - sorry Andy.
In about 20 years or so we could maybe try turning some of its wood ?