Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Skeleton Clock & Oak ID

Went to Wickes and got some wood for new bearers for the shed floor. Managed to get them level on some blocks and got the floor nailed down. So tomorrow have to get some tongue and groove and hopefully finish it . . . watch this space

Been to E Herts Turning Club tonight with Bill Monroe who was demonstrating making a Skeleton Clock. Unfortunately I left my glasses and camera on his wall so did not get any photos. But I will get a picture of one of his clocks and post it.

For all you budding dendrologists out there . . .

Here's an Oak ID - lets have the Latin names as well . . .

As the common ones !


Andy said...

1...Pin Oak, Quercus palustris?
2...Northern Red, Quercus rubra?

miss rika said...

1. Tree . . . with leaves. Spindly leaves.
2. Another tree. With leaves.

I'm smart.


Andy you got 1 right.

Anonymous said...


No1 then?