Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sharp tools = no dust

These are the gouges I've been using to carve out the inside of the rebec with.

The top two are favourite for spoon carving which I've been doing for quite a while now and . . .

they take and hold a really good edge.

The thing about a really sharp tool is that it imparts its sharpeness to the wood that it cuts.

I have a Power Strop which came from Tilgear - I use it in the electric drill held in the vice - apply some white stick and you get those mirror- finish bevel edges. Give the edge a touch up every so often. Save on abrasives and dust.

We'll be demonstrating at Highgate Wood near Muswell Hill this weekend coming. Hope the weather holds as last year at this time we froze and Vanessa got a chilblain !


Fenlander said...

Hi Robin, I have answered the question you left on my blog;

Andy said...

You've just made Julia and I feel nostalgic! We used to spend so much time in the woods there! I have a gorgeous photo somewhere of Ellie at 3mnths old sitting in the leaf litter. Have a great day, and have a coffee for me in the cafe...it's not often I miss London...but...