Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Some time ago I did some research into yokes - the wooden ones that dairy maids used to carry two pails of milk. This resulted in a very kind guy called Bob Field giving me this nice, old one.

The chain is beautifully made - each link is welded and has a subtle twist so it won't tangle.

Anyway I made one from sycamore, turning the arms on the lathe then carving the shoulder part with axe, adze, drawknife and gouge.

Unfortunately I could never find anything to compare with the chains on the old one so the project ground to a halt.

Anyone got any ideas for an elegant, contemporary solution? I'd like to make more as I think they'd be useful specially if there's a hosepipe ban or for watering the veg in your allotment.


Fenlander said...

Many thanks for the link Robin. It is good that you have learned how to do them. Did you know Will was 50 last week? ;>)

Anonymous said...

Hello Robin,

it was good to meet you today, and i'm glad you gave the blog address. I'm up-to-date now, having read through the whole of your archive! It's a great Blog, and very interesting. I'll be calling back on a regular basis to see how you're getting on.

I'll post links to yours and RW's on mine.
Happy turning.