Sunday, 13 April 2008

Bodging with the High Woods Rangers

We've been in Colchester this weekend running a 2-day workshop for the volunteer Rangers at High Woods Country Park. These places are green oases and are under a fair bit of pressure from the urban environment which surrounds them.

We took two lathes . . .

and three shavehorses . . .

They had laid on a really good pile of green wood which had been cut from the site - sweet chestnut, lime, ash and sycamore - but the twelve people who attended hardly managed to make a dent in it so I brought a load home. Hopefully they are going to set up a lathe and a bodgers camp and make some items which they can sell in their visitors centre rather than Chinese imports ! At least they now know how to make few simple items such as dibbers, rounders bats and kitchen treen like spoons and spatulas.

I really like these Gothic dibbers-come-garden lines made by Richard (who organised the event) and Louise . . . .

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