Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Paint Ball Games

It worried and annoyed me when I went down the garden this morning and discovered that multicoloured paintballs had been fired at my lathe, I could see where they had hit the shavings from a bowl I made yesterday afternoon. Recently we had some apples thrown at the shed from a similar direction (we worked out the trajectory like Columbo or Sherlock Holmes). Imagine if they had hit us on the head?!

Vanessa went on a diplomatic offensive, with a bag of the evidence, to talk to the mother of the prime suspect( I was ready to kill) who said “Oh my God! as soon as I saw that thing (the paintball gun) I knew there would be trouble - I’ll deal with it.”
Well let’s hope she has .. it’s the Easter Holidays and I don’t want them firing at clothes on the washing line.

I was a bit of a Just William or Dennis the Menace when I was a lad - funny how when you get older you see it from an adult point of view!

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