Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Whittling & Northumbrian Piping

I came across this book recently . . .

I would add to that "Round the Fire" . . .

Full of lots of good ideas, hints and tips - I made this knife and fork in about 20mins but NOT using a knife like the one on the front cover.

Hazel coppice is a very useful and versatile material - apart from the knife and fork here are a few other things I make from hazel wands. On the left is a rustic backscratcher and on the right three whimmy diddles. We will be selling items like this and much more at Woburn Abbey this Bank Holiday weekend.

Here is a settee made by a friend who recently bought a hazel wood on the Essex/Suffolk border.

Last night we went with our friends Anne & Gary to see the Kathryn Tickell Band at The Civic Theatre, Chelmsford. We had a really tasty meal at an Italian restaurant beforehand and were enjoying it so much we nearly forgot about the concert! After a quick dash through pouring rain we arrived late and soaked to be lulled and charmed by their lovely, evocative music.
Check it out.

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Robin Wood said...

I love that book too, its great for kids. We got a copy and left it lying around the kids got it and were soon whittling all manner of things from it.