Monday, 21 February 2011


I've finally been convinced by my webmaster Oliver to have a go at Facebook.  I'd be grateful if you could go to my Treewright page...

and give it a "like" - I need 25 likes to be able to use the Treewright name as a small business.

Probably won't have any time left for woodwork now!


Keith said...

Already done.

Tico Vogt said...

More than happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

I'd be gad to do this except I've closed my FAcebook account as I found it far too intrusive.

Sorry and all that. Keep up the blogging though, 'sfun.


Anonymous said...

done also...
I gave in recently and joined, but it still baffles me. I just don't see the point if you already have a blog. At least a blog is clean and easy on the eye...I find FB annoying, busy, chaotic, and odd.