Friday, 4 February 2011

Oak Liberation

Oh look, 'someone' has felled a load of trees and left them to rot...

Good job I happened to have my wedge and sledge with me as I couldn't possibly have carried the Oak log in one piece.

Somehow I don't think this Oak burr will get liberated as it's hidden deep in the forest but it is rather a fabulous thing.
Jed for scale


Anonymous said...

viva la liberation! What a find. Lovely straight section. Well done that man.

We must have touched on this before...but...this "leave to rot and provide habitat" attitude really *&%*&&'s me off. I'm sure the brushwood would provide habitat and let folk use the butts and boughs for whatever they wish. It's a waste of a resource.

Gorges Smythe said...

That is some burl, indeed!

Woodland Antics said...

Vandals(in the true sense of the word) coming into the forest and leaving felled timber. Shabitat piles I call them - it's normally just an excuse to cover up for a lack of ability to figure out what to do with the trees they've felled. Often they have a management plan and a budget to do the felling but no budget for extraction. Rather than offering it for free they cite Health and Safety and insurance liability excuses for preventing people putting it to good use.