Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hazel Tongs

I was hanging out the washing when a peg broke (clothes pin to US readers) and I started wondering how I could use the spring.  Well here it is - The Hazel Peg-Spring Tongs! 

Perfect for turning over your bacon and sausages on the campfire or barbie or rescuing the toast from the toaster.

Top tip is to drill the hole same size as the spring diameter before splitting the twig.
The hardest part is getting the spring in.


Anonymous said...

Hey Robin!

It looks like it could sing a song like a bird! I've always been thinking of doing toast tongs, but been put off a bit by the all wooden one. May give yours a go. You could do it in the half hour challenge at BB?

Seanhellman said...

Really cool

Barn the Spoon said...

i like old clothes pegs and i like new clothes pegs this seems to be a rather beautiful love child.

Keith said...

I love it! Excellent idea. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea.