Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Bodger's Bog

Built yesterday from pallets by Jon and me at my Greenwood Camp.

Be very careful when cutting up pallets with a chainsaw.
Just got to finish the roof and install the sanitary ware!


Anonymous said...


Gorges Smythe said...

That makes for a nice building. (Check out my smart-alec remark on FaceBook.)

Keith said...

That is excellent, well done! Now where can I get some pallets!

ChrisJS said...

Hi Robin,
Nice to see pictures of your land -hope you are both well.

Anonymous said...

Chain saw and pallet and close friend near by. No protection as such
What complete imberciles !!
May be I am lucky my daughter is a doctor in A & E who reminds me all most weekly of the chainsaw accidents she sees.
A good handsaw would have done the job just as well.
Mine you I will now use this picture in my Health and safety lectures as acracking example of bad practice Thanks!!
Get a grip please.

Robin Fawcett said...

Oooo... what’s up? won’t your wife let you have a chainsaw?

Are you the same “Anonymous” who commented on my post when my Dad died? If you are you’re lucky to get your comments published at all. In fact this is the last comment I will be publishing from any cowardly types who hide behind the monniker “Anonymous”.

I don’t like your sanctimonious attitude and the only reason I published your comment is because it does make a valid point. In untrained hands chainsaws are very dangerous and I do state in the post to “Be very careful when cutting up pallets with a chainsaw.”

I am a skilled and trained chainsaw operator and spent quite a few years swinging about in trees as an arborist so I’m fully aware of the dangers of chainsaws. The pallet was carefully examined for nails and a cutting line marked. I always check my saws thoroughly before and after use - the bar was in a good state and the chain was correctly tensioned. I am wearing ear defenders and cuttting with a safe portion of the bar (ie. nowhere near the nose) in a relaxed, comfortable position.

Yes, a handsaw would have done the job just as well but we only had a limited time to get the work done and a lot of cuts to make. I’m not suggesting that amateurs should go out and get chainsaws to quickly construct pallet shelters - this is how I do it and you can do it your own way.

It doesn’t strike me as a ‘lucky’ thing to have a daughter in A&E who tells you about chainsaw accidents every week - slightly macabre actually. She’s probably the doctor who did such a rotten job of sewing me up when I did unfortunately cut myself many years ago.

One other thing if you do use the photograph for professional/personal gain in lectures you will need to get my permission first and pay me a fee.

Anonymous said...

seeing this has given me a cunning
plan. the wife keeps on about, she would like to move house. think taking her tea and dinner down the garden would be a better use of my time. regards mark