Saturday, 17 November 2007


We went down to see my dad and Velma in Faversham. He's recently had a bowel cancer operation and now has a colostomy. he looks good on it though and still retains a wicked, childish sense of humour (see photo wearing my hat). This is a stunt he used to pull when we were kids where he drops his false teeth down over his lip and frowns. They have just got an Apple Mac laptop on which I showed Velma a few tips and tricks. Went and had a lovely meal out at The Alma in Painters Forstal - I had one of the best steak and kidney puddings available in England.

First shoot of the season at Gaynes Park near Epping where my mate Tony is the gamekeeper. I am one of the raggle taggle beaters and I love the craic. I hate guns though and would find it difficult to shoot a pheasant myself but we get paid in birds for our help and I brought two brace of hens home. The guns seemed to have it in for the ladies today - or perhaps there just aren't as many cocks this year. Unfortunately after some brilliant, sunny but frosty days recently it was cold, dull and rainy. I didn't feel like going all that much but I'm glad I did because as Tony says "people out there pay a lot of money to get that kind of cardio-vascular exercise" ! I will sleep well tonight.

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