Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Autumncleaning the workshop

Had a really good clear out in the workshop over the last couple of days. Got rid of a ton of cobwebs and all those little bits of wood I was saving in case they came in useful. In fact I had a small fire going all day and have now discovered the bench and vice that was buried underneath ! The thing that spurred me on was that someone is coming on a course tomorrow and I’d feel really embarassed for them to see it in that chaotic state.

I haven’t been able to find a broadband connection lately but hopefull that will change soon when this new deal from the Utilities Warehouse kicks in - free landline phonecalls, broadband and cheaper electricity and gas.

For anyone with an Apple Mac or using iPhoto to manage their pictures check out a free download on the Apple site. Its called iPhoto Library Manager and is a doddle to use.
I also downloaded Google SketchUp for free but it’s far too complicated - 3D walkthrough etc. I only want to be able to do simple(ish) tech drawings, diagrams etc.

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