Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Epping Forest on fire

We had a walk through Epping Forest today - what a beautiful place it is at the moment. Apparently conditions have been perfect this year to give great Autumn colour and the beech trees are definitely going for it. I think it's a few years since it looked so amazing and the sun through the canopy made it look as if it was on fire. Of course it helps that we have had no gales to blow the leaves off.
We headed for Loughton Camp which is an Iron Age hill fort deep within the forest and quite hard to find unless you know the way, which we do. It's full of ancient beech pollards which have formed the most outrageous, twisted and deformed shapes. If you stand long enough staring you can see the sylvan spirits trying to manifest themselves (plenty devils and witches). The only disappointment is that photographs don't do any of it justice - you have to actually be there.

This afternoon I finished off some beaters and started on making a batch of hazel whistles. This is all part of the drive to make new stock ready for the 2 day show this weekend at Woburn Abbey. Sometimes I feel that trying to keep a full stock of the range of items I produce is like the guy trying to keep all his plates spinning on sticks - now and then they fall off but so what?

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