Sunday, 11 April 2010

Swinging Spring

Someone had made a couple of swings at the edge of the "Lost" Pond when we turned up there on a forest ramble the other day.
A family also turned up for a go, a bunch of kids were climbing on a fallen tree on the other side of the pond - all whooping and hollering - then a large group of ramblers appeared and stopped nearby to eat their lunch.  It was quite exhilarating, like a forest party and all in a place where we rarely encounter a soul!

Had a little informal gathering on the plot today...
2 Johns, Angela & Gary.  

I set up my bowl lathe for only the second time and realised it needs a bit of serious tweaking.
The bobbin affair just didn't have enough oomph for the big beech blank I was trying to turn, I think a spring pole is definitely in order, and the treadle needs serious consideration.  Also the legs are a bit too long.
John had set a nicely designed little wooden vice into the end of the bed on his lathe, perfect for holding the hook tools for sharpening and touching up.  Thanks John, think I'll have one too!


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