Saturday, 24 April 2010

Off to the Woods

Really looking forward to going up to Chris Southall's wood near Clacton today where we're going to run a workshop for him and some of his mates tomorrow.  I'll take the Spoon Knife set for them to have a try with as well as my own set.

Joy and Mark came yesterday and she managed to carve 2 small spoons for her babies.

She also bought, among other things, this Laburnum spoon/spatula which I had only just made and hadn't yet finished (I think it still had some pencil marks on it!).

They are part of the "Monty Don Effect" and were amazed to find someone giving Green Woodwork tuition in the next road!

Mark is really into his cabinet making and carving and has a good understanding of tools and a high skill level - the dibber he made had an excellent finish.  He wants to make a Jennie Alexander style chair and I suggested he first come and make a frame stool as a good starting point.

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