Friday, 16 April 2010

Spoon knives

Someone I only know as Duncan has made a set of spoon carving knives and a passaround has been organised on the Bodger's forum.  The idea is that each person has them to try for a week and then sends them on to the next one on the list and posts a review of their thoughts on them.

Well they arrived the other day and so far I've only had time to make one sort of spoon/scoop hybrid from Holly with a turned handle but first impressions were very good.

I was at the Register of Professional Turners annual Craft Meeting up in London yesterday and I've got a couple coming on a course tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to give them a good work-out on Sunday - blimey doesn't a week go by quickly?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great to see these being tried out by someone with your immense amount of skill, Robin. I only wish I could have got them to you sooner, sir.

Gorgeous spoon!

All the best,
Graeme aka Red Kite