Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Radio Bodger

We were out and about this morning walking the dog, shopping etc and intermittently listening to the radio.  There was an interesting phone-in show on Radio London about Crafts and when we got home I thought "I'll have some of that" and gave them a ring.  You can listen to my 3 minutes here between 2.14.00 and 2.17.30.
Unfortunately I went into motormouth mode and rambled on a bit.  I was going to get a plug for my website and mention the work of The Heritage Craft Association but got sort of cut off in mid flow.


woodnstuff said...

Well done Robin, you came across as very eloquent; I think I would have produced a stream of "erms" and very little else in the way of illuminating comment.
Cheers John.

Andiamo said...

Thanks for a great couple of minutes. I'm a transplanted Brit, living in Iowa, and follow your blog regularly. Keep up the good work!!