Thursday, 11 March 2010

News from Somewhere

I've felt really poorly (and still do) since I picked up some kind of bug at the Abney Park Cemetery event.  My mate Gary who I went with has also had the same thing.

Had loads of enquiries about courses since Monty Don Mastercrafts about Green Woodworking - even though I don't like him and didn't think much of the programme it has generated a lot of interest.

Had a really nice walk in the Forest near Chingford Plain in an area where they regularly pollard the trees.

Unfortunately the brush is chipped and the branches are just left to rot...

That's a real shame as it's mainly Hornbeam - one of the best firewoods - and my god haven't we burned a massive amount of wood on the log burner during this Long, Cold Winter of Discontent.


Woodland Antics said...

very sorry to hear of your ailment - and Gary as well. Glad that you have recovered enough to post - get well soon! Yes, I have just had enough of of the cold, especially recently with the wind. It just saps all of my motivation and everything becomes a struggle,



Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, Robin. I hope you're back on form soon. Hot toddy and a good book until you feel better!