Friday, 26 March 2010

Back in the Swing

Had two guys here on courses this week.  Chris from Clacton, Essex on Wednesday

and Kevin from Stanbridge in Bedfordshire today

Kevin is a power lathe turner and had been given the course as a birthday present from his wife last October.  Chris googled 'green woodwork in Essex' after seeing the Monty Don Mastercrafts programme last month - and came up with me!  He's going to stand as a candidate for the Green Party at the next General Election and has bought an 8 acre wood in Clacton where we are going to go and run a workshop for him and some of his mates next month.
I'm glad it's all kicked off again and Spring has arrived - I was beginning to feel a bit stagnant.


Woodland Antics said...

Good to have you back in the swing robin and keep up the good work on the blog - you'll be surprised what a lift you can provide for the people who read it and it is much appreciated by us. Either that, or else everyone is too polite to tell me how crap my own blog is!

David Stovell said...

ditto that, (not the bit about your blog being crap Mark as I do like it)