Monday, 21 September 2009

Highgate Wood

Had a blinding day at Highgate yesterday. The weather was great, loads of people came out and we had our best sales day for ages.

As there were a lot of small people about I offered 'goes' and soon had a never ending queue waiting for their turn. Child-powered lathes are good and don't half save on the legwork! Plus it was good training for Countryside Live which we'll be doing later in the week - 2000 kids a day for 2 days.

Had a really nice walk in the forest this morning - here's another in my occasional series of Pollard Portraits.


Seanhellman said...

I love to visit one day so you can show me around Epping forest, so I can take lots of photos. What a bummer about no dogs, very bad PR as a lot of shows welcome dogs.
2000 in 2 days, that is about 2 seconds per child!

Robin Fawcett said...

Yes come and see the Forest sometime Sean - it's a great place and one of England's Hidden Treasures.