Sunday, 6 September 2009

Black Gold

I dug out a compost heap today...

and found it to be a massive ant colony. Anyway I spread it on the garden and Jed

helped by digging everywhere I spread it and trying to eat the ants.

Our Council have decided to give everyone a new wheelie bin for kitchen waste.
That's two now and a lot get left out on the pavement. What next? another for glass and another for paper, card, plastic and metal.
Some of them stink now as things like cooked meat, chicken, fish etc are allowed.
Why are folk so wasteful?
Do you throw away things that are a day past their "sell by" date?

A compost heap, a dog and a milkman is the answer.

Recycle and save the world!

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Woodland Antics said...


Oh no don't get me going on this one! Too late. Needless to say I don't like throwing anything away, least of all old landrovers. We have 4 composters and a milkman. No dog but we do borrow one now and then.

A lot of people have told me how bad food composters are and how the rats eat through the base of them. But we have had one for a couple of years and it's been excellent. Bought it for 20quid on our councils special offer. Called a green joanna it's really a more carefully designed compost bin with an integral tough base. We used to have the odd rat around the compost bins due to the uncooked food, mainly coming through from the neighbours decking which turned out to be an informal compost heap for food waste and rat sanctuary, but since we've had the joanna we've not noticed anything.

I don't understand why people are happy to chuck their food waste in their bins for a couple of weeks (or even a week) and yet they blame composters for attracting rats. We have a twin bin system which works very well, one bin for general waste and the next week it's everything in the recycling bin (and I do mean cards,yellow pages and foil) except glass with both weeks collections by the same team in the same truck. Despite initial misgivings I am now a fan of this system and it's catapulted West Sussex towards the top of the recycling stakes, saving enough money on landfill to enable them to fund a new improved waste sorter to further increase recycling etc,etc.