Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Hainault Weekend

Hainault Forest is divided in two. Half is owned and managed by the Woodland Trust and half by the London Borough of Redbridge - a strange situation for a forest. Our craft show was in the "Country Park" - the Redbridge bit. We feel quite shell-shocked at the end of these 3 day shows near the end of the show season especially as Saturday and Sunday were poorly attended with high winds.

The Medieval reenactors who were behind us were a merry bunch and jollied us along. This is my weekend apprentice Chris, aka Mad Hamish, having a go at turning a nice piece of spalted Hornbeam into a bowl.

He's been blacksmithing up to now but due to tendon damage in his right hand is seriously thinking about becoming a turner.

The Minstrels - Marie, Penny & Tony - came by and cheered us up with some toe-tapping jigs, reels and hornpipes. I joined them for one number playing wooden spoons.

Marie had lost her favourite bodhrán beater or tipper so I had a go at turning some, one from Hornbeam and another from Hawthorn. They were the thinnest things I've ever made on my lathe and the Hornbeam was easier to turn than the Hawthorn. She said they were OK but seemed a bit light to me - I think the ends need drilling and weighting. She gets a great sound from that drum, almost caressing it.

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Mad Hamish said...

I'm no longer considering taking up turning, after a weekend watching and learning from Robin I'm well and truly hooked. Many many thanks for all the time you gave me this weekend.