Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tool rests

The tool rest which a lot of (most) bodgers use is a long stick which sits across projections at the back of each poppet (Head and Tailstock). These are probably ok if you're just turning chair components but not suitable for more complicated spindle turning.

I think it was Hugh Spencer (Bodger's webmaster) that I first saw using one like this...

The rest is held to the bed with a long bolt which tightens with a large Oak 'nut' into which I araldited a captive nut.

I made this one as part of a lathe I built using reclaimed and recycled timber. It's a chance to turn the central pillar and the last time you have to use that old stick rest !

The tusk tenon is similar to the way the poppets are held in the bed.

Designs could probably be altered, adapted and improved...


We spotted this lizard yesterday - unusual and exciting. I think it's the first time we've seen one in the 20 odd years we've been going to The Forest

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Frontier Carpenter said...

Thats is a neat idea. I've finally got my pole lathe done now I will have to include a tool rest like yours.