Sunday, 16 August 2009

Plinth Lag

The Moon was auspicious...

but the arc lamps gave a terrible light to work in.

As I was carving the bowl of the spoon I managed to snap the stem and had to repair it with gaffa tape!! Also I ran out of time and only managed a couple of mouthfuls of breakfast before the cherry picker was up to fetch me.

It was a mad little interlude which can't really be put into words - so watch it HERE.

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Seanhellman said...

It is great that I can watch it,I have only just got back from Usk, and thought I missed it. Sods law says that something will go wrong, and yes, when the cameras are rolling, snap. But gaffer tape? you know what you have done now, from here on in it is rolls of gaffer tape for you at Christmas.
I think it is fantastic that you got up there and made a spoon, good one Robin.