Friday, 22 May 2009

Bodger Beat


I love the way the kids queue up patiently for ages for only a quick go on the treadle.
I guide the gouge (a spindle gouge) and they hold the end of the handle. Over two days (10am-2.30pm) we all managed to finish 2 rounders bats and rough out two more. Not a great work rate but I think they learn a lot by doing rather than just watching.

The kids are very excited, interested and curious and full of energy which I wish I could bottle to use when my leg's giving out !

Our marquee got crammed on Thursday morning as it rained really hard and what with the sound of a hundred excited children plus the backing riddims of the percussion orchestra I could hardly hear myself think. Quite a buzz though . . .

The instruments are castanets, guiros, claves, maracas, coconut shells, whistles and rattles ... the sound was really good.

The Queen of the Harvest

A rather sweet little witchy corndolly. The lady who made this was also making simple corndollies with the kids - no mean feat when there's 1800+ per day!

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