Friday, 7 November 2008

New Gouges

Just taken delivery of some new gouges . . .

3 roughing out gouges for the lathe with different radius curves. These, in my opinion, are the best tools available for roughing out on the pole lathe and are 40mm wide.
They are available from Bristol Design - but not for much longer !
I was talking to Charles Stirling, the owner, and he told me that his accountant had advised him that they were too expensive to make and he wasn't charging enough for them.

Also a Hans Karlsson dog-leg gouge for carving in the bottom of bowls. This is a beautiful, handmade and expensive tool available from Jon Warnes at Woodland Craft Supply.

The only gripe I have with it is that the pistol-grip handle isn't very ergonomically designed or made - the corners are too square. I'll have to spend some time shaping it to fit my hand comfortably - unfortunately this may mean carving away the HK makers mark.
It's quite liberating to accept that you can cut pieces off (or add bits on) tools, handles etc to make them feel right for YOU.

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