Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Yesterday Vanessa had an appointment at University College Hospital to see a specialist physiotherapist at 9am ! We had to get the 7.30 train with all the switched-off commuters.
Afterwards we walked down Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road to Covent Garden - what a cheap dump that is now. So we walked up Neal Street where I managed to get a pair of shoes in a sale then came home.

Today I had an appointment at Guy's Hospital at London Bridge to have a look at a problem I've got with my teeth. Basically the two teeth that support my bridge are going rotten and my dentist said he couldn't fix it so referred me. I'll probably get an appointment in 3-4 months. Hope I don't die in agony before then. Teeth - huh - bad design fault.
After that I walked along the South Bank, past Shakespeare's Globe Theatre which is currently being rethatched, to the Tate Modern. I went in, immediately felt dehumanised and walked straight out again ! So I crossed the Millenium Bridge, which doesn't wobble anymore, through St Paul's Churchyard and back to the station and home.

That's my fill of London and hospitals for a while.

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rika said...

I'll be there in a few days and find the company somewhat more agreeable--probably because I spend all my time at the British Library? There is a yarn shop called Loop about a mile away from it that is a much happier place than the larger bits of London. I'm sorry it was all hospitals:(