Monday, 10 November 2008

Green Woodwork Gift Voucher

Our new Gift Voucher scheme is proving successful.

Over the years I've had quite a few requests from people who wanted to give someone a course as a Christmas or birthday present and wanted something to "give" on the day. For those people who can't decide which piece of treen to give it's ideal. Just choose the value of the voucher which can be any amount. Give/send me a cheque and I'll send out the personalised Gift Voucher

It's quite funny and feels as if I'm printing my own 'green currency' !

Why not give a Green Woodwork Gift Voucher for Christmas ? If the recipient can't come shopping in person I'll email photos of what's in stock and send their selection by post.

1 comment:

Robin Wood said...

I love the gift voucher idea and the printing your own green currency. Hope they go well.