Thursday, 16 October 2008

Fires & Woods


Had a proper day off today . . . I went and explored some woods in Hertfordshire with my mate Gary.

and of course, like the honourable chavs/bushcrafters we are, had our fire.

We went to Home Woods & Northhaw Woods both near Cuffley. I spotted this massive pile of fresh butts near the car park at Northhaw - mainly birch and oak.

I think this was the home of some elves . . .

and this beautiful "green tunnel" is framed on the left by hornbeam pollards marking an ancient boundary.

It's suddenly got cold tonight so I lit the fire. I think it's birch, sycamore, *strawberry and ash.

*Arbutus unedo - Strawberry Tree. I got some a couple of years ago but it was too skinny and cranky to be much use apart from firewood.


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Woodland Antics said...

Good photos Robin, I like the wacky shaped birch butt. Very striking.

And thanks for posting the link,