Monday, 13 October 2008

Change the World

Had a great weekend up in Norfolk at Great Hautbois (pronounced hobbis) House in Coltishall running a workshop for the Guides. This is as part of an initiative by the Guides and the Woodland Trust called "Changing the World".
The event was organised by Mike Ryder of the Woodland Trust - Matt Rant was weaving some willow structures, John Michell was kite making, Andy (our neighbour from across the road) was showing the girls survival skills, firelighting and shelter building and me, Vanessa and Will Wall set up the Bodger's Camp.

They all had a go at everything including twig pencils, gypsy flowers, stoolmaking and turning guiros on the polelathe . . .
The weather was fantastic - bright sunshine and blue skies all weekend with a nice Autumnal mist to start off on Sunday.

I think everyone had a great time including the hosts, organisers, demonstrators and guides. Whether we changed the world or not nobody will ever know but you can just hope !

Two nutty Woodland Vampire boys who somehow managed to infiltrate the event !

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