Monday, 4 August 2008

Early bird

If the early bird catches the worm . . . what might happen to the early sparrow ?

I happened to look down the garden this morning and saw what I thought was a wood pigeon sitting on my chopping block.

Looking again I realised it was actually a bird of prey tucking into it's breakfast of . . . fresh sparrow !

Managed to grab the camera and took a reasonable pic considering I was on massive zoom and balanced on the edge of the window.

See earlier blog link to youtube vid to see our large sparrow family. When we had a look all we could see were a few feathers and the beak which some wasps and ants were already fighting for !

Anyone know which bird it is ?



Anonymous said...

It looks suspiciously like a Harris Hawk...but surely it can't be!

Woodland Antics said...

I am very tempted to say it must be a sparrowhawk of course :-) but it seems a bit too grey and the white collar around the legs seems quite similar to a female hen harrier. Your guess is as good as mine



Fenlander said...

It's a Sparrowhawk Robin. Nice picture. Kevin

James Crowley said...

Robin - if you think a bird of prey looks like a pigeon. Then it almost always is a sparrow hawk!