Friday, 8 August 2008

Rural rusticks

Swapping recipies for rabbit stew - I bet !

Dick is a great character and hopefully he's going to help us to get a dog like his.
(shame it's not in the photo)

On the left is John Browning, spar maker (for thatch) - he's got an amazing cheap old axe which is so polished and shiny through years of constant use.

The dog is a Bedlington terrier x Whippet (like Alfred on Heartbeat) and it will hopefully be in October/November time.

We could do with some rabbit control on our plot - they are getting to be quite a pest. It's interesting to see the things they DON'T eat. Like foxgloves, daffodils, primroses, pine, hazel, acer, verbascum, elder, cherry or birch.
Everything else has to be protected . . .

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Rima said...

Hello... what an interesting blog... pleased to meet you... best wishes from Scotland :)