Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Blackberrie Nouveau

Took this picture of our Blackberry wine bubbling away in its first flush of youthful vigour. It's a very pretty colour and the smell is wonderful. Some years we do, others we don't but this summer we've already made 2 gallons of Elderflower and 2 of Oak leaf all gathered from our bit of land. There will be a good harvest of Elderberries soon.


Woodland Antics said...

Nice looking wine Robin. It's time for me to prepare the apple press tomorrow. The apples are stacking up in the back of an old landrover used as a store. I've also laid in a couple of cheap bottles of Vodka - as I have a hankering to do some blackberry vodka this year, but I ams sure that there will be enough left over for a demi-john or two.



rika said...

YUM. Just been catching up on your blog, looks like a lovely late summer over here. I must say the blackberry wine does look tasty . . .