Monday, 30 April 2018


An axe is a tool for life and I was thinking that's not just mine but the person who takes it on when I've finished with it.  Just like my old Brades side axe and my favourite old Elwell - how many hands have they passed through in their lives, the treatment they've received in use - not always the best.  They've already served more than a century, give them a few more years and it'll be getting on for two centuries.  So if you feel like a present coming on - treat yourself to one of the new Council Tools axes at an affordable price.
  COUNCIL AXES - fine quality US axes

Perhaps that's part of the fascination, the longevity of metal.  Handles get broken through misuse, age, woodworm and leaky shed roofs.  The steel will withstand plenty of ill treatment, bar the leaky shed roof, although much damage can be caused by the inexperienced novice who's just broken the handle and thinks the best way to remove it is to put the axe head into the bonfire to burn out the remains of the haft.  Little do they realise that in their enthusiasm to remove said handle, they build that good old bonnie up into an overwhelming blaze and ruin all the tempering that was originally put into that treasured tool by the smith.

So I love my old tools but there are modern makers out there and the new additions to my workshop are the Council axes.  These are made of a very high quality steel with much thought to the design and whilst some folks think and axe is an axe there are many finer points to be discussed amongst the Axe Junkies of this world.  One that I find most fascinating is this lovely double header I received from the US, packaged perfectly and what a beautiful piece of kit to use - didn't really need a new axe but something as wonderful as this is an essential - you can always have a go on mine to try it out when you come to the Woodland Workshop - be prepared for fun...

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I love your blog. Lots of great comcepts. Thank You.