Monday, 11 December 2017


We've had plenty snow here, about 5 inches - quite a bit for our part of Essex around 3 miles from London and Waltham Abbey has been at a semi standstill!  First time in ages that we've had a serious dusting before Christmas and it has made the whole area feel quite festive. 
Epping Forest has been picturesque if a little gloomy but we were rewarded with a stunning pink sunset. According to the shepherds this is a delight, so with any luck we'll have good weather in the morning.  However the Met Office are saying it's going to be ghastly tomorrow, via Radio London.  I've checked their website, the Met Office that is, and very usefully as it transpires, it tells me there is no data available to forecast the current weather situation due to 'adverse weather conditions' to please 'refresh your browser or try again later' for an up to date report.  Think I'll stick to old wives tales, sea weed, the barometer, a look outside the back door and a full inspection of the pine cone basket for a full and accurate forecast of my own devising.

Turning experiments planned for this week.  My new workshop in Waltham Abbey is a dream place really.  I wasn't that keen on it at the beginning of it's life, it felt a bit awkward with no personality.  This seems to have gradually changed, tools have found their places, the woodpile has evolved and become quite a reasonable tea drinking seat with variable height adjustment according to how much wood I'm turning and the number of cups of tea I'm drinking sitting down!  I'm trying to retain more of the sap wood and bark in the things I'm making.  The trick is to get the bark to stay tightly attached.  Will let you all know how things pan out...

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