Monday 12 June 2017


When I first started green woodworking over 20 years ago there were very few books available.  I only had Mike Abbott’s Green Woodwork (which used to be called “The Bible” back in the day) and I pored over it long and hard until it fell apart.  I still think it’s his best book.
I next discovered Roy Underhill  - Ray Tabor published his first book Traditional Woodland Crafts - the floodgates opened and I was off! turning my hobby into a career.
The newest addition to the collection is Sean Hellman’s “Shaving Horses, Lap Shaves & other Woodland Vices”. 

Drawing on his long and distinguished career Sean has put together an excellent book which I would have killed for when I first started.  Very well written and covering every aspect of Shavehorse design and manufacture I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in Woodland Craft, Green Woodwork, Rustic woodwork and workholding in general.
My favourite is the “Easy Rider” which looks really cool but I may be tempted to make myself a Spoon Horse now that the fingers are finding it harder to hold small things when carving.
I think there’s something here for everyone and it looks good on the bookshelves next to all the other classics…

Get yours while they’re still hot!

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Anonymous said...

How did you miss Green Woodworking by Langsner ??

Robin Fawcett said...

Hello you anonymous thing - if you look at the pic of part of my bookcase you'll see 4th book from left is Drew Langsner's however I wasn't out to make a great long list of Green Woodwork books. I wanted to talk mainly about Sean's new book so I'm sorry if I've ruffled yours or anyone elses feathers it was totally unintentional...

Anonymous said...

Hello Robin,
No you didn't ruffle any feathers here.. in fact I've got a lot of the same book that are on your shelf..I've got Sean's book on order and it's on the way..