Monday, 25 June 2012

Two Men in a Bowl

Mark came over to our Woodland Field yesterday and we had fun trying to turn a lump of Birch that he'd brought over into a bowl.  This was fairly ambitious considering he hasn't done any turning yet and doesn't have a lathe.
Here I'm showing him the correct angle of presentation of the hook tool to undercut the core.
I think the experience was enough to put him off wanting to be a bowl turner but he did end up with a big chunky bowl that he's going to use to eat his CocoPops out of - he'll probably get a whole packet in there!

1 comment:

Mark baigent said...

Hi Robin, A whole packet of Cocoa pops works for me :-)

All I can see is you must be the most patient teacher in the world!

As usual a great day thanks :-).