Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Hard Day's Work

Spot the difference Part 2...
Ready for the first courses in the new workshop this weekend
The bog is finished and Vanessa gave the seat a coat of linseed today... and sanded off the splinters.
Comfy seat for No 2's

Helped myself to a load of Willow logs this morning.  They had been cut down and just dumped in the Lee Valley Park.  Good for making some Bowl Mates, bowls and chopping blocks etc.
It's amazing what you can get away with if you don a high-viz jacket these days.  Everyone assumes you've got a right to be doing whatever it is - add in a hard hat and a clipboard you could get away with murder!  I'll probably go back because there's an absolute mountain of logs.

Man & Dog stare into fire after a hard days work.


Brian said...

I also like to forage for timber and carry a saw when out for a walk. Just in case I come across any fallen trees or branches with something of interest. Interesting blog right up my street cheers.

James Crowley said...

Hmmm a two holer - very chummy!

What are 'Bowl Mates'?

Gorges Smythe said...

Boldness is the key!

Anonymous said...

It's looking fantastic, Robin. Well done.

And the hi-viz ploy is a winner. I friend does the same thing all the time.He even has an orange light on top of the van and leaves it flashing. Nobody ever questions him when he's by the roadside removing felled wood.


Bowl Mate is the name coined by Robin Wood for a bowl carving horse see one here -

woodnstuff said...

You do right Robin- a man after my own heart. It would only sit there and rot, and will probably coppice back anyway.