Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Lathe vice

We're doing the Countryside Live event in Yorkshire at the moment so there's the never ending queue of kids waiting to have a go...

I have thought for several years that it's ridiculous carting timber from Essex to do an event on a well wooded site so this year I contacted the Ledston Estate manager and he arranged for some trees to be felled, cut to length and delivered to my stand.  Some of the Beech logs are a bit gnarly, knotty and curved but I've managed to get some fairly decent rolling pin blanks out of them and there will be plenty left to take to Althorp where we are doing a craft show demo at the weekend. 

We managed to improvise a vise from the lathe to hold the logs while sawing off the lumpy bits.

The branch is to show the kids what Beech leaves look like.

Yesterday evening we had Haddock, chips and scraps from Macca's Fish Bar in Garforth near Leeds.  They were better than The Magpie at Whitby which is supposed to be the best chippie in England (we've had 'em twice in the last year) and were half the price.

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