Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Blame the Weather

Some things that I've made lately have split in the heat - not the best weather for green woodworking.  I'd prefer it cooler, overcast, no wind - but it's good to see the sun and clear blue skies for once.
Some of my Beech lemon juicers split but I did use wood from two different sources.  One had also been cut a while and the other was freshly felled  so perhaps it was a combination of those factors plus the heat.  Also we have a dehumidifier going at the moment as we were flooded by our neighbour so that's not helping either.  It sucks a gallon of water a day out of the place and everything in it!


This afternoon I've been to see Wocko on the Knebworth Estate and he kindly gave me some of that lovely straight, fast-grown Ash that had been thriving on his cess pit.  Jed had a great time rounding up some pheasants while we quartered the logs and loaded the van...

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Anonymous said...

About five or six years ago I did an event in Suffolk in blistering heat, and a friend was in a nextdoor marquee. He came running in asking had I had any "bombs" go off. I hadn't and was perplexed until he explained that his turned fruit was exploding and he'd lost two bowls the same way. All down to the heat, and perhaps his wood not being strictly dry.