Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Work sharp

When John Abel was here last week he brought his Worksharp for me to have a play with. I got this razor edge on a derelict old, chipped, multi bevelled chisel in about a minute with no heating of the edge.

I was so impressed I bought one.
Unfortunately the first one to arrive from Rutlands didn't work but the replacement arrived today.

A clever, innovative sharpening system using abrasive discs.

The back of the chisel is also lapped on a diamond stone at the same time.

Also today the new woodburning stove was delivered which is exciting...and we have organized a holiday in Yorkshire next month...can't wait.


Frontier Carpenter said...

I got one of those. They rock!

19beavers said...

You have become a rep for Work Sharp - see didnt I warn you ! When you make some slotted discs I'll have some !