Monday, 12 October 2009

Tree climbing Dog

Herbie, a talented local lad came for the day last Thursday. He made some handles for a drawknife he'd made with Dave Budd and a couple of handles for some gouges he'd bought.

He brought an ash longbow he'd made to show me and some lovely leatherwork - knife sheaths etc. I was really impressed and I wish there were more youngsters being encouraged to take up these sort of creative activities.


Next day we had a fabulous walk in the Forest and Jed climbed a tree!
A big Beech pollard had blown over and split in two. One half had hung up in a tree and I climbed up it - Jed was about 20 foot below barking like a nutter. When I came down he decided to have a go and ran up it further than I'd gone - my heart was in my mouth but he calmly strolled back down the trunk. He's very agile, sure-footed and FAST.

This is a picture of him and Vanessa on the other half of the fallen tree.

A wonderful tree we saw that day.

I've also had Nick on a course here at the weekend, John Abel today and got a couple of twins coming on Thursday...busy.
Ely Apple Day on Saturday is our last selling event of the season.

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