Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Cemetery Ash

Been to Nunhead Cemetery for a load of lovely straight grained, quick grown ash. This was thanks to Tim Stevenson who runs the volunteers who try to keep this 52 acre urban oasis from becoming completely wild and overgrown. He also sets up his pole lathe amongst the graves and turns the parts for chairs. Seen above standing in front of the massively burred trunk of a London Plane.

A couple of mausoleums

Amazing - get lovely ash, grown on the bodies of dead people and only this far from St Paul's !


Robin Wood said...

Wow I hope that Plane is destined for chair seats if it dies. Incredible to see a little oasis like that so close to St Paul's.

Woodland Antics said...

Another amazing tree photo. Mind you the pile of ash next to it looks very useable if not quite as exotic.

Great to see these sites being managed.

What an interesting concept for the chairs. Mind what you sit on? - Sit gently for you sit on my bones?