Friday, 20 February 2009

Camel Stool ?

Approx 1 foot high at centre of 2'6" wide seat

An interesting item. The owner, who brought it for restoration, didn't know much about it and thought it may have been a Camel stool (sitting on it to ride a camel). It has an oriental air to my eye.

The construction is interesting - the two pierced ovals and the seat are all carved from one piece of timber and the base is screwed on from underneath. Wood - couldn't tell but something soft and light.

It does look comfortable but I didn't dare sit on it as one of the ovals has bad cracks and I thought I might split it in half. Shame it's suffered such neglect and been kept in a damp garage. I'M not going to do the restoration - took it to Vanessa's brother Nigel who's an expert antiques restorer. He looked at it like it was a big lump of firewood !

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baobabjungle said...

Just looking through your site after Steve Gumble told me about you and came across the picture of this stool. It looks like a Ghanaian Ashante chiefs stool. I have some modern ones in my shop - Baobab Jungle. I hope it hasn't been burnt !! you can see one here - sorry if this is old news but thought I would write anyway. Love your work by the way.