Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Grow a Chair


Whilst clearing out the loft lately I came across this Spanish hayfork.

They are grown in rows in beds and trained into shape as they grow. I can see 6-7 annual rings in the end of the handle. Then they are cut down, peeled, pointed and voila. (Can't tell what species it is)

Anyway it reminded me of a book which I have

They're available on Amazon and Abe but seem very expensive for quite a small paperback which was published in 1995 - ISBN 0-9647280-0-1

Inspired by Axel Erlandson's "Tree Circus", the author explains the process of grafting, framing, pruning and notching to produce a chair. I'm going to have a go this year - find some whips of ash, elder or sycamore - maybe even start several.

Watch this space - in a few years time !




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woodturningblog said...

I love the fork, and will look out for the book...I have a number of saplings which may be suitable candidates for a little tweaking into things. Slow but eventually fun!