Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Frustration in London

I had a 9.15am dental appointment in London today. Vanessa came to "hold my hand" and we caught the 7.30 train, took the tube to London Bridge and sat sipping a coffee for half an hour.

When I presented myself at the reception they said, "Oh you're at the wrong hospital. You should be at St Thomas' !" Now this was my fault because I hadn't read the letter properly. So after a mad £10 taxi ride to Westminster Bridge I got there at exactly 9.15.

After waiting about 20mins I went to ask when I would be seen as I assumed there wouldn't be appointments before that. A lady went off to find out what was happening and was gone for quite a while. It looked bad when she reappeared and went into a huddle with the office people and they all kept glancing pityingly in our direction.

It turned out that the person who was going to carry out the treatment (which I have built up to and braced myself for) had "called in sick".
So we had a wasted journey. Can you imagine how furious I was after making the effort ?

They refunded my rail fare but not Vanessa's OR the taxi . . .

So I had to go and do a bit of retail therapy to cheer up (few CD's and a tee shirt). When we got home there was a message from this girl which she left at 7.40 - half an hour after we'd left the house. Did she sound a bit hungover ?

PS. Most people in London now walk about wearing an iPod, staring at a phone and sucking on a skinny frappuchino !

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