Friday, 19 December 2008


As you will no doubt have noticed, nothing has been happening here lately. There are several reasons for this :-

  • A general loss of interest in technology, computers, internet etc
  • Being ill
  • Nothing worth writing about has happened in the last month !

On Wednesday evening I went to the last meet of the year of the E.Herts Woodturners with my mate Bill Monroe. Five weeks ago Bill had a heart attack and had eight stents inserted - he looks really well on it.
Many sausage rolls and mince pies were munched. A big lump of oak was put on the lathe and folk could have a go at helping turn it into a big bowl.

Yesterday went down to Faversham to see my Dad & Velma. Had a great lunch at The Three Mariners at Oare. In the afternoon Frances, my little sister, came round and we all had a good chat and a laugh. My Dad had some bad news - he is going to have an op to remove some of his liver as they have found some cancer cells there . . .


Anonymous said...

We had noticed! Glad you're feeling better now, Robin.

That's a great picture. Who, where and why?

Best wishes for Christmas & New Year to you and yours, especially your Dad.

Take care.


Sorry - I just put it up as a great pic.
It's Vanessa and a load of kids from Countryside Live at the Ledston Estate near Leeds, W.Yorkshire last Spring. (Basically it's to show inner city kids what kind of activities go on in the country)

Plutus said...

Hope you're feeling better Robin. I kinda know how you feel having lost interest in technology, these cold winter months seem to make me want to sit indoors with a glass or two of wine. However, I plan lots of fun activities in the new year and will hopefully post them all.

Good luck overcoming the difficulties that you're currently experiencing, my thoughts are with you and Ness! Seasons Greetings mate.