Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Tree

We've revived the Christmas Day walk in Epping Forest after a gap of a couple of years.
We decided to look for the Lost Pond which we actually found really easily - then we got LOST ! It was quite exciting - we thought we knew the forest so well . . .

We also found a recent fire site where loads of birch had been cut. I just about managed to get it going again but forgot to take a photo.

Merry Christmas to all my Readers.


rob-writes said...

What an interesting find. The definition of bodger alone was worth the visit. That's my new piece of knowledge for the day absorbed.

Best wishes


It's great that you actually learnt something new - cheers.


P.S. Interesting that you live in Waltham Abbey too Rob.
I am also "moon-aware" !